Vine Growth Cycle

Spring in Spain. Temperatures are rising and we have had quite a few beautiful days already, although it rains a lot as well (like today…)!

Spring means the beginning of the growth cycle of the vines. As we speak the vineyards here in Rueda already have leaves, while the vineyards in Toro are still waiting for the bud break. Because of the differences in climate and soil, vines in one wine regions will start their growth cycle earlier than vines in other regions. But it all starts in spring, when the warmth wakes up the vines from their hibernation. Continue reading


Cyan, immerse yourself in nature

Cyan, winery in ToroToday I would like to write something about one of the two wineries where I am currently developing the wine tourism. I might be a bit subjective about this winery, since I work here, but I really think it is a great winery to visit!

Cyan, named after the blue tone that is typical for the Toro wines, is a winery located in the Toro wine region in the province of Zamora. It takes some effort (and some driving experience) to reach the winery, which is situated on top of a hill at the end of a sandy road, but once you are there you will be amazed by the views on the surrounding vineyards, olive groves and pine forest. Continue reading

Spanish Variety of Vineyards

Time for some pictures again 🙂

Lately I have spent some time in different vineyards and I noticed how diverse the vine landscapes look. I can really enjoy the beautiful views over the vineyards, especially in this time of the year. I have selected these pictures to show you the variations in the Spanish vine landscapes and to convince you to visit them! Since I’ve used 7 pictures the previous times, there are 7 pictures again now. Enjoy!

Vineyards in the Spanish Basque Country

Vineyards Basque Country

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