Interview in the Dutch magazine Espanje!

For the first edition of the Dutch magazine Espanje! I´ve been interviewed to talk about the wine tourism of Grupo Matarromera. It was super exciting to see the magazine in all the book stores. If you are interested in buying the magazine (with many great tips about traveling in Spain, about Spanish food and also to practice your Spanish with some of the articles), the magazine can still be found in the book stores till the end of this week.

If you are interested in a translation of the article, let me know 😉

Revista Holandesa Espanje!


PradoRey Rueda

The majority of the visits I make to wineries are when we go on holidays. But why gopr2 to Penades, Rioja, El Bierzo or another of the many wine regions in Spain when you live in between four amazing wine regions?! So when we had some free time a few weeks back, we decided to visit the neighbors: PradoRey.

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Wine Weekend – Harvest experiences in Rueda, Toro and Cigales

Wondering what would be the best time of the year to do a wine tour in Spain? The answer is simple: in September! Most wineries will be in the middle of the grape harvest, which is one of the most interesting parts of the wine making process. And in Emina Rueda, Cyan and Valdelosfrailes, the wineries where I work, you will be able to experience the harvest yourself!

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D.O. Rueda

When you order a white wine from Spain in a restaurant, there is a big chance that it will be a Verdejo from Rueda. This wine region, known for its fresh and aromatic whites, is now one of the most popular wine areas of Spain.

Located in the region of Castilla y León, only from Madrid, this wine region is very easy to reach. There are many different kind of wineries and most are open to visitors.

Map Rueda wine region

Throughout history the wine region has changed a lot. It all started when the Arabs brought the knowledge of wine making to this area. In the 11th century there was a great increase in vineyards, since King Alfonso VI offered titles and lands in the just conquered area. Continue reading