Wine tourism and……

The development of wine tourism in Spain keeps continuing. These days most wineries do offer a basic tour, so it has become time to integrate wine tourism in the standard activities of tourists.

An important part of this integration is the combination of wine tourism with other local tourism attractions. These can be focused on the local culture, gastronomy or nature. Continue reading


Cyan, immerse yourself in nature

Cyan, winery in ToroToday I would like to write something about one of the two wineries where I am currently developing the wine tourism. I might be a bit subjective about this winery, since I work here, but I really think it is a great winery to visit!

Cyan, named after the blue tone that is typical for the Toro wines, is a winery located in the Toro wine region in the province of Zamora. It takes some effort (and some driving experience) to reach the winery, which is situated on top of a hill at the end of a sandy road, but once you are there you will be amazed by the views on the surrounding vineyards, olive groves and pine forest. Continue reading