Vivanco – winery and wine museum

If you traveled to Spain and if you are into wine tourism, you will known that Rioja is probably the most famous wine region of Spain, both for Spanish and international tourists. And within this wine region, one of the most well-known wineries is Vivanco.

Vivanco is located just outside Briones and is surrounded by vineyards. Vivanco is not only a winery, but Continue reading


Taylor´s Port – Oporto, Portugal

Last weekend we´ve made a trip to Portugal and of course we also visited one of the famous port wineries in Oporto. Since my blog is about Spanish wineries, I wasn´t sure if I should write about our visit or not, but since I assume many tourists will travel to both countries, I want to write this post anyway.

First of all I need to say that I was a bit surprised by the difficulties we had trying to visit some wineries along the route we took back from Oporto to Spain. We bought a book about wine tourism in the city, which recommends different wineries in each wine area in Portugal. However, eventually we only visited one winery, because all others did not pick up the phone! I thought this was kind of strange since it not only was a Saturday, but also the Easter weekend, which made me think that this was quite a busy weekend for tourism… Continue reading