Wine Weekend – Harvest experiences in Rueda, Toro and Cigales

Wondering what would be the best time of the year to do a wine tour in Spain? The answer is simple: in September! Most wineries will be in the middle of the grape harvest, which is one of the most interesting parts of the wine making process. And in Emina Rueda, Cyan and Valdelosfrailes, the wineries where I work, you will be able to experience the harvest yourself!

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Harvest Festivities 2015 – Spain

Are you planning on visiting Spain during the coming months? Then you will be one lucky person if you like wine! From the end of July till the beginning of October the grape harvest will take place. As you might know, here in Spain we are always looking for an excuse to party, so naturally we make a big festivity of the grape harvest as well: Welcome to the Fiestas de Vendimia!

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Vine Growth Cycle

Spring in Spain. Temperatures are rising and we have had quite a few beautiful days already, although it rains a lot as well (like today…)!

Spring means the beginning of the growth cycle of the vines. As we speak the vineyards here in Rueda already have leaves, while the vineyards in Toro are still waiting for the bud break. Because of the differences in climate and soil, vines in one wine regions will start their growth cycle earlier than vines in other regions. But it all starts in spring, when the warmth wakes up the vines from their hibernation. Continue reading