Children and wine tourism – consumers of the future

Up untill recently wine tourism in Spain was mostly focused on couples or groups of friends. Quite logical, since wine tourism revolves around an alcoholic beverage. However, these days more and more wineries are incorporating special activities for families, so children can also enjoy a visit to a winery.

There are wineries that make the visit a bit more interactive, so it becomes suitable for both adults and children. The little ones can for example discover more about the wine making process by picking grapes, touching the equipment and watching didactic videos especially made for them.

wine tourism children grapes

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Creative with corks – Christmas edition

Since you were all very excited about my previous creative with cork posts, here is a special Christmas edition. After all, this is the perfect time of the year to open a bottle of wine!

Cork Mini Trees

A very easy idea to start with is this mini cork tree. Just gather some green, make a small hole in the top of the cork to hold it and voilá!

Cork mini christmas tree

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