Vivanco – winery and wine museum

If you traveled to Spain and if you are into wine tourism, you will known that Rioja is probably the most famous wine region of Spain, both for Spanish and international tourists. And within this wine region, one of the most well-known wineries is Vivanco.

Vivanco is located just outside Briones and is surrounded by vineyards. Vivanco is not only a winery, but Continue reading


Old architecture: 7 beautiful Spanish wineries you cannot miss

Last time I’ve blogged about 7 Spanish wineries with modern architecture. However, I do love the old architecture of Spain and that is why this time I would like to show you 7 old Spanish wineries. Again I’ve written the destination of origin behind the name of the winery and this time you can also click on the link to the winery’s website.

I am sure you’ll find them just as beautiful as I do! Which one would you like to visit?

Bodegas Puelles Rioja

Bodegas Puelles, Rioja Continue reading