D.O. Cigales

Do you travel to Valladolid? Great, because this city forms the perfect base from which you can discover several beautiful wine areas of Castilla y León! Of course you could opt for Ribera del Duero, a well known and highly valued wine paradise, but maybe this choice is too obvious. Do you want to discover an authentic wine area, where you won´t be one of the thousands of wine tourists visiting wineries? Then go to Cigales, the land of the Spanish rosé. And it is only 15 minutes driving from Valladolid!

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D.O. Rueda

When you order a white wine from Spain in a restaurant, there is a big chance that it will be a Verdejo from Rueda. This wine region, known for its fresh and aromatic whites, is now one of the most popular wine areas of Spain.

Located in the region of Castilla y León, only from Madrid, this wine region is very easy to reach. There are many different kind of wineries and most are open to visitors.

Map Rueda wine region

Throughout history the wine region has changed a lot. It all started when the Arabs brought the knowledge of wine making to this area. In the 11th century there was a great increase in vineyards, since King Alfonso VI offered titles and lands in the just conquered area. Continue reading


Vineyards Toro

Toro, located in the North-West of Spain, is a region where wines have been elaborated since before Roman times. The region is known for its expressive, full bodied and rich colored wines, made from the red grape variety Tinta de Toro. Currently there are over 50 wineries situated within the Toro wine region. Continue reading

Ruta del Vino de Rueda

Spain is not only known for its warm climate and its beaches, it is also a beautiful wine country. In 2013 the overall wine production was 50 million hectoliter (6.7 million bottles), which is more than the production of France and Italy and makes Spain the world’s biggest wine producer. No wonder this country is a paradise for wine tourists.

There are currently 20 official wine routes in Spain, of which the Ruta del vino de Rueda is one of the newest. The Rueda wine area, famous for its verdejo wines, is located about half an hour from Valladolid, the capital of Castilla y León. Continue reading