PradoRey Rueda

The majority of the visits I make to wineries are when we go on holidays. But why gopr2 to Penades, Rioja, El Bierzo or another of the many wine regions in Spain when you live in between four amazing wine regions?! So when we had some free time a few weeks back, we decided to visit the neighbors: PradoRey.

The winery offers a few different possibilities when it comes to visits. The basic visit will cost you €6,50 and includes 1 wine. Would you like to taste another one, then the price will be €8 and for 3 wines (and some tapas) you pay €12. My boyfriend decided to take the last one.

When it comes down to the language, I always prefer to do a visit in English, cause then I am sure I will understand everything and it makes it easier to write my blog posts afterwards. Unfortunately there were no English tours available during our free morning, so Spanish it was!

The visit started with a video in 3D. I was wearing my glasses, so the 3D glasses weren´t very comfy on top of them, but I managed. I must say I really cannot stand any of the video´s I have seen so far while visiting wineries. It is all a bit too dramatic for me. However, if you can ignore the annoying ballerina and the music that seemed to be stolen from a Harry Potter movie, the video was quite interesting.

After the video our guide took us to the balcony to have a look at the surroundings. Unfortunately PradoRey does not have any vineyards surrounding the winery, so we just looked at the vineyards of the neighbors.

Then came my favorite part of the visit: the Tunnel of the Senses. Here you could discover the different aromas wine can have, such as black fruit, vanilla, clove, apple or whipped cream. It is really hard to distinguish the aromas in wines, so this was a very good way to “practice” that part of the wine tasting.  Our guide also explained very well what kind of aromas you could fine in different types of wine.

pr  pr1

We also had a look at an art collection that was exhibited in the winery (not my cup of tea) and the elaboration room. The latter looked like any elaboration room here in Rueda, so there was not too much there I haven´t seen before. I also wasn´t impressed by the explanation of the wine making process, because our guide told us thing I am sure aren´t really done that way but just need to be told to visitors to make the story a bit more interesting.

At the end of the visit we tasted 3 different wines (two white, one red). They were ok, although the white one fermented in barrel didn´t taste as it should be. We did like the tapas 😉pradorey

I can recommend a visit to PradoRey Rueda, but only if you haven´t visited many wineries before. The tour is a bit standard, but interesting enough for the beginning wine tourists and the Tunnel of the Senses is fun for everyone!


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