Wine Weekend – Harvest experiences in Rueda, Toro and Cigales

Wondering what would be the best time of the year to do a wine tour in Spain? The answer is simple: in September! Most wineries will be in the middle of the grape harvest, which is one of the most interesting parts of the wine making process. And in Emina Rueda, Cyan and Valdelosfrailes, the wineries where I work, you will be able to experience the harvest yourself!

            Grapes harvest Spain    veraison

We are really looking forward to the harvest this year, and to make it even more interesting we would like to share this experience with our visitors. So we decided to organize Wine Weekends. The weekend of 19-20 September we will go to the wine regions Cigales and Rueda, while the next Wine Weekend (26-27) will be held in Toro and Rueda.

Grape picking Wine Weekend Emina Rueda
Seeing the grapes being harvested is one thing, but harvesting the grapes yourself is much more fun! So we will start by doing just that. The process will be explained in detail and then.. just start picking. In the regions of Cigales and Toro we will harvest the red grapes, while in Rueda it will be the white grape for which this regions is famous.

Or course a visit to the wineries is also included. We will explain the history of the regions, the wine making process once the harvested grapes enter the winery, and we will taste a lot of wine.

To make it even more memorable, we have planned some special activities as well. In Cigales we will visit a bee keeper, while in Toro you will be able to participate in a wine blending course.

Harvest Spain Wine Weekend Emina Rueda

In Rueda we have a grape variety garden located next to the winery, with more than 50 different white grape varieties. Besides learning about the differences between the grapes and tasting them, we will also harvest some grapes here, after which we will start stomping the grapes with our bare feet!

And when all that isn´t enough to satisfy your wine thirst, both weekends there are several Harvest festivities taking place in towns nearby our wineries. Have a look at my previous post for the days and places.

grape stomping

For more information about our Wine Weekends, contact me via
We hope to see you in September!

Harvest Experience Emina Rueda Wine Weekend Harvest experience Emina Rueda


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