Emina Rueda: Innovative Wine Tourism

Emina is one of the many wineries located in the D.O. Rueda. However, it is not just any winery. Technology and innovation are very important here and that makes this winery one of the most modern of this area.

Emina Rueda

For me the modernity was a very welcome change after visiting several traditional wineries. By now I know the basics about the history of this wine region as well as about the fermentation process, so I was ready for some new information.

The tour started at the variety garden. Here the company has more than 50 varieties of white grapes, including signs with information about each one of them. Of course you will find the well known varieties Verdejo, Viura and Souvignon here, but the Alvarinho grape from Portugal, the Italian grape variety Italia and the French Viognier can be found here as well.

Emina Rueda Grape Variety Garden

This variety garden is used as a sort of genetic data-bank, so there is a backup in case of another plague like the phylloxera, but the garden is also used as an experimental zone. This way the company can see how the different varieties develop in this particular terroir. Because you can actually see the differences between the grape varieties in this garden, being here was very educative for me.

Next to elaborating wine, Emina will also start producing its own olive oil soon (before they outsourced this). The oil mill will be finished at the end of this month and will form part of the guided tour as well, but now we could only see the building from the outside.

Emina Rueda Oliduero

After the garden we walked back to the building, which is super modern both from the outside and the inside. The guide told us that there are over 600 solar panels on the roof of the building to provide the energy for the wine making process, the building has big windows to make use of natural light and the waste from the vineyards as well as old barrels and pallets go to the biomass processor.

When we arrived in the elaboration area the guide explained us how the process takes place. I have heard this before so I observed the huge room. What I really liked about this winery is that they placed big panels with explanations about every processes on the wall, so you can study it yourself.

Emina Rueda EsdorThe tour finished in the shop of the store, where the guide told us about all the different products the company makes. Of course they sell wine, but besides that we could also buy liquors, 0% alcohol wines (interesting for kids, pregnant women and Muslims), ecological wines and even cosmetics!  This company takes the recycling really serious, because after the skins and the seeds of red grapes are being used to make liquor, the organic chemical called polyphenol is also extracted to make skin products that care for and protect your skin.

After the visit we tasted 3 white wines from Emina; the Emina Verdejo, a Gewürztraminer and the Selección Especial from Carlos Moro (the owner of the company). Although the wines were very different, I liked them all. We also tasted the oil, which was something I had never done before and I must say it tasted delicious.

Emina Rueda wine tasting

If you want to visit this winery or just read a bit more about it, visit www.eminarueda.es


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